Dear colleagues,
We are happy to present our new project CAT for GRAD developed to assist universities to train prospective translators with an adequate level of the technological competence. The project is targeted at university instructors of translation departments who are involved in translators’ professional education and are ready to introduce a course in computer assisted translation (CAT) tools on the curriculum at their universities.

In this this project you can:

  • get free (academic) software licenses for CAT tools at your school;
  • get instructional guidance, software maintenance and legal support when developing the CAT course at your university;
  • choose CAT tools compatible with your school’s technical capacities;
  • get free certification from CATs developers for instructors and students;
  • obtain teaching guidance materials necessary for a CAT course development (textbooks, sets of exercises and other teaching and learning aids);
  • consult the representatives of the leading companies developing software for translators and interpreters;
  • network and share experience with your colleagues who have successfully developed such a course or are developing it simultaneously with you.

If you are interested to join the project, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

The number of universities participating in the project is 13.

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